Project Description

Last week, we took part in our first GORSE Gets Healthy Challenge, the mile challenge. Pupils from across the GORSE primary academies took part in the event which required pupils to run for twenty minutes a day. Whilst the primary aim of the week was to promote health and fitness with our pupils, we were also raising money to support Mrs Mackenzie (Principal at Richmond Hill Academy). She is running the London Marathon in support of Inspire Malawi, a charity close to the trust that builds new schools for children in Malawi.

The effort from all our pupils and staff was incredible, every single day of the week. I can now reveal the Ryecroft statistics from the week:

1331 pupils took part throughout the week.
21,187 laps of the mile a day track were completed.
1787.65 miles was the total distance run.
1.34 miles per pupil per day was the average.

An extra dimension to this was that we were in direct competition with the other Primaries for GORSE Games points. We romped to victory by a comfortable margin:

4th – Morley Newlands. Ave mile per student – 1.10
3rd – Richmond Hill. Ave mile per student – 1.14
2nd – Hillcrest. Ave mile per student – 1.22
1st – Ryecroft. Ave mile per student – a massive 1.34

This now means that we sit on our own at the top of the GORSE Games leader board. Well done to all staff and pupils on an incredible week!