Homework and the Academy Culture

It is important to us that our approach to homework is a firmly connected to our school culture.  This will mean that homework is valued, recognised and celebrated.  Our PD system will be used to reward the effort and commitment children demonstrate when completing their homework.  We are determined that homework will be representative of children’s best work, showcasing very high standards.  We will celebrate homework in assemblies, through events and on our website, enabling parents to view and value the fantastic efforts of our children.  Because we value the worthwhile activities children take part in through our own extra-curricular programme as well as opportunities in the community, we will reward and recognise this participation as part of our homework approach.

Homework and Communication

All homework will be communicated via the Pupil Planner and e Schools.  There will be a balance of electronic and non-electronic homework as we recognise that there are positives to both forms yet a careful and thoughtful equilibrium is fundamental.  Across the academy (Year 1 to Year 6) homework will be set each Friday and will be expected to be completed by the following Thursday.  This purposely encompasses a weekend to afford families the flexibility to work around other important commitments.

Completing Homework in School Time

Our library will be open every lunchtime to provide an opportunity for children to complete their homework or enjoy reading in school time.  We have a rich extra-curricular offer during both lunchtimes and after school.  This will allow children to attend and enjoy these activities whilst also gaining homework rewards and stamps through this participation.

Our Dimensions Approach

Dimension 1

Dimension 1:

‘Dimension 1’ homework will act to secure, deepen and extend key skills and knowledge in mathematics and English, helping to commit knowledge and skills to the long-term memory.  We will ensure that the setting of ‘Dimension 1’ homework is regular and follows a clear routine, making it easier for our children and their parents and carers to understand the expectations and timescales.  This will also allow our families to plan the completion of homework around children’s and families’ commitments and activities.

Dimension 2

‘Dimension 2’ homework will provide children with wonderful opportunities to be creative and have a degree of choice and influence over the activities they complete.  ‘Dimension 2’ homework will be designed to support valuable family time, encouraging families to enjoy learning together and strengthen their relationships by doing so.  We will ensure that the enticing menu of activities develop key character skills such as teamwork, independence, resilience and empathy.  On occasion, we will utilise ‘Dimension 2’ homework to contribute to our academy aims of looking after ourselves, each other and the world around us.  ‘Dimension 2’ homework tasks will be project based and children and families will work on their chosen activities over the timeframe of a term. The ‘Dimension 2’ challenges will link to coverage and learning from a wide range of subjects in school and often the current topic theme.  At times, some of the activities on the challenge menu may be compulsory.

Dimension 1

Each week, children will be expected to complete homework in four areas: reading, spelling, times tables and maths revision.

Reading Children will take home one reading book, chosen in collaboration with their class teacher. Depending on the reading skill and age of the child, this could be a ‘banded’ reading book, a library book or a book chosen from the school library.

Children are expected to read a minimum of four times per week for at least twenty minutes at a time in KS2 and fifteen minutes at KS1. To have their session of reading ‘ticked off’, the planner must include:
– The title of the book and the page numbers read
– A signature of a parent/guardian or older sibling
Spelling KS1: A set of ‘look, cover, write, check, correct’ words set by the teacher should be practised on the grid for that week.

KS2: A set of spellings will be set by the teacher each week and will consist of a new spelling pattern, irregular spelling words and words already learnt in previous lessons. Children will be expected to choose a spelling activity to complete (see homework books for guidance) and use the word in a sentence.

Times Tables Children will be set one personalised session on Times Tables Rockstars each week. They must complete this before accessing the free choice areas of the programme. We encourage children to use the free choice areas as much as possible too!
Maths Practice All children will be given a short piece of maths homework each week. It will follow a simple ‘my turn, your turn’ structure, with modelled solutions provided.

Dimension 2 Exemplars

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Early Years and Foundation Stage Homework

The Early Years team are going to introduce a learning log for the children in Reception.  This will be given to them at the start of the half term and will involve a ‘menu style’ selection of all areas of learning relating to our topic.  Families will have the half term to complete the menu and this will be celebrated at the end of half term as a new learning log is issued.

Daily reading is also an essential component of Early Years homework.

Homework Celebration