Our Curriculum

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At Ryecroft Academy, the curriculum is underpinned by our Curriculum Drivers:

Children are given every opportunity to develop their communication skills throughout the curriculum.  We find it imperative that children and adults speak in full sentences throughout school and we feel that this supports writing, reading and outcomes across the curriculum.  Through different vehicles such as hot-seating, re-enacting stories, freeze frame, role play interviews, conscience alley, speaking frames and debate, children will be able to explore different themes linked to all areas of the curriculum.  In addition to this, all children in school will be able to develop their public speaking and oracy skills in class assemblies and house competitions.

Within every half term there will be opportunity for children to compete against each other in a variety of contexts.  Teamwork, as an essential aspect of contemporary education, improving students’ skills of problem-solving and collaboration. Our House System is integral to our Positive Discipline framework where children’s positive achievements count towards the points totals of the each of the houses.  In addition, the sporting prowess of our children is emerging as a real strength and representations in a myriad of sports at all levels is a standard which we want to continue to pursue.

Children are encouraged to understand the world beyond the school and local community, in particularly enterprise and aspiration.  Through our curriculum we will teach children life-long learning skills that will prepare them for the world of work.  Children will be given the opportunity to plan and implement projects that will raise money for school or for charitable causes.

At the heart of our work in school and also the curriculum that we deliver is community.  We want to embrace our own community in lessons and engage community stakeholders within school.  In addition to this, it is important to learn about other communities around the world and from different periods in time.  Whether it be communities within different religions or from Ancient Egypt, we as a school will investigate similarities and differences between them and the impact on the world today. It promotes tolerance and respect; things that we hold in the highest regard.

Planning for the Curriculum

The planning of the curriculum is underpinned by ‘key skills’ that children are taught and built on year on year.  These skills are sometimes taught multiple times but in different contexts so that our children aim for mastery in the different subjects they learn.  The planning of the National Curriculum objectives is done on a 2 year cycle.  For example, objectives that are set for key stage 1 are split between Year 1 and Year 2 and then and children will have covered all the objectives for that key stage within those two year groups. The process is done collaboratively in phases and always encapsulates our Curriculum Drivers, Modern British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of learning.