Principal’s Welcome and Academy Vision

For too many years now, Ryecroft Academy has failed to provide its pupils with Good, let alone Outstanding education. In 2013 Ryecroft Academy’s predecessor school was classified as Inadequate by Ofsted, and although we were pleased in May of this year to have the judgement raised to a Requires Improvement, all of us recognise that this position is nowhere near good enough for our children as we prepare them for the many challenges they will face in their lives to come. During Ryecroft Academy’s time within The GORSE Academies Trust we have failed to ensure that leadership and teaching are good enough and this has led to a lack of stability, having a negative impact on the quality of our work and speed of our improvement.

We are now totally confident that, particularly from September 2017, this position has been changed dramatically and that all parents and our wider community can be confident that everyone of our children will be safe, cherished, encouraged and brilliantly taught. The team of professionals at Ryecroft are able and wholeheartedly committed to driving improvement for our children. They are eager to bring and utilise their own expertise whilst also being humble and prepared to learn from others, reaping the benefits of partnership as part of a Trust.

We are also determined to ensure that our community re-establishes its confidence in our school, seeing Ryecroft as a welcoming place in which everyone has a part to play in our success. We know that unless we have our families’ unreserved support then we will never be a truly exceptional school. Quite simply it is our unwavering determination to ensure that our children enjoy access to Outstanding education from 3 to 18 years of age. We know that in The Farnley Academy that commitment is met in the secondary phase, and all indications are that this will also be fulfilled in Post-16 edition through Elliott Hudson College. We will be the final side of that equilateral triangle and, with our community’s support, I am entirely confident that we will make that exceptional vision a working reality.

As a stable school that will now strengthen rapidly we are keen to link with our key stakeholders to further develop our Academy identity and character, making certain that the voice of our children resonates the loudest of all!