In March 2017, Helen Townsley was appointed as Principal and we are confident that a very committed and strong professional team is in place at Ryecroft Academy.  This team is ensuring that the academy is making rapid progress and deep rooted and sustainable improvements. It has been confirmed that the position of the school has been changed dramatically and that all parents and our wider community can be confident that every one of our children is safe, cherished, encouraged and brilliantly taught.   The professional team wholeheartedly recognise that the children at Ryecroft Academy are wonderful and they deserve the very best.  The team are eager to bring their own expertise whilst also being humble and prepared to learn from others, reaping the benefits of partnership as a trust.

Quite simply, it is our unwavering determination to ensure that our children enjoy access to Outstanding education from 3 to 18 years of age.  We know that in The Farnley Academy that commitment is met in the secondary phase, and this is fulfilled in the Post 16 edition through Elliott Hudson College.  Ryecroft Academy is swiftly becoming the final side of that equilateral triangle and, with our communities support, we are making that exceptional vision a working reality.

We are proud of the identity and unique character of the academy and hope this is successfully captured in our vision.

Academy Visions