Ryecroft Academy Attendance Achieved This Week – (97%)
Ryecroft Academy Overall Attendance Achieved So Far This Year – (96.7%)
Ryecroft Academy Attendance Target – (97%)

As you already know, at Ryecroft Academy we are committed to providing a broad, balanced and effective education for all of our children. For our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is important that they are in school, on time, every day that school is open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. We believe that regular attendance is of the greatest importance so that children:

  • Have full access to the curriculum and are more likely to achieve well and leave school with the vital skills and knowledge they need for their future lives
  • Are able to build positive relationships and develop social skills which prepare them for the next phase in their education
  • Are able to develop their self-esteem, their sense of worth and sense of belonging
  • Are able to develop a positive attitude to school and the world of work, understanding how important it is to be punctual and reliable

As a school we have extensive rewards and incentives to celebrate and promote children’s attendance with individual, class and whole school rewards based on 97% and 100% attendance. This represents a significant investment for the school, however, we see this as being a really important part of our work; every day matters! We do consider the circumstances of individuals and take them into account when rewarding children’s attendance, for example, absences that are as a result of medical issues, to ensure that all children are rewarded fairly. As parent, however, I would urge you to think about the ‘real prize’ of maintaining excellent attendance as I have explained above; these reasons need to remain at the centre of our thinking. Please could I ask for your full support in ensuring your child / children maintain excellent attendance and punctuality?  Thank you for your support with this.

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Being late for school makes it hard for your child to learn. If they are 30 minutes late each day it means they are missing a half day of school every week. If your child is late by 10 minutes a day he or she will miss the equivalent of one week’s learning in a year.  Please ensure that your child is always punctual.

Your child will be marked late if they arrive at school after 8:55am.

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Attendance Rewards


Golden Sticker (100% that week)100% attendance stamp.Clean slate stamp (if sanction box is  also clear)Raffle  ticket for £10 voucherPizza for any class who achieve 100% SLT Phone Call Home (each half term if 100% is maintained) Class teacher lucky dip (age appropriate prizes) Parent  Raffle—4 £25 vouchers Gold attendance badge Entered in to draw for Significant attendance prize (chosen from a menu)e.g. Bike, Vtech Pad, Kindle, Scooter, Go Cart Celebrated in the PD—celebration event—trophy  given. Limousine/Party Bus RideProud Jar Lollipop stick Attendance day out e.g.  LIghtwater Valley/Nell B


Golden time for classes with 97% and above 10 attendance stamps Attendance certificate In school afternoon film with Mrs Townsley (popcorn and snacks provided). Bring cushion, blanket, PJ’s/own clothes.

If we have concerns over your child’s attendance, that is if their attendance falls below 96%, there are several steps we will take to ensure their attendance rapidly improves.  These actions include: letters being sent to parents, meetings being held at school with our attendance officer and members of the Senior Leadership Team and an Attendance Contract being written between home and school. If attendance continues to be of a concern there is a potential for a referral to the FastTrack Initiative. This ultimately could result in prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court and the receipt of a Parenting Order or a fine of up to £2,500 for each parent or carer. Please see our attendance policy for further details.

Contact numbers
Please contact school as soon as possible on the first day of absence and each subsequent day your child is ill on 0113 7330 129