As part of their science unit ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’, the Empathetic Elders have designed and constructed a habitat for our local fox, after much research around where foxes live.

We often see the fox on our field, and the children wanted to provide a safe habitat for it. After researching what foxes need to survive, and what habitat they would need, the children began to work on designing and creating a safe and liveable environment.

The children put particular thought into the materials that would be needed to construct the habitat, and we recycled an old water butt that we had at school, and used a local skip to buy some ducting pipes.

In our woodland we then dug a hole, deep enough to accommodate the water butt, and joined two pipes to it to act as an entrance and exit. We then camouflaged it, taking vital information from our research that the fox would not use the habitat if it did not look like part of the natural environment.

This project has taken us 4 weeks in total, using our two topic afternoons a week.

We hope that the fox uses his new habitat and enjoys it!