It is wonderful to see the capital investment come to fruition at the academy as phase one has now been completed.

Our family hub, based in the bungalow, is now finished and in use – although we are excited about continuing to develop the grounds around this facility. The photographs below show some of the internal spaces.  This is such a great resource for the school and the community and we are using it for many events.

Some examples are listed below:

  • hosting pupil holiday programmes;
  • parental engagement sessions;
  • ‘Time for Us’ family bonding sessions;
  • training centre for ‘Skills Network’ courses;
  • Community café events.

As we develop the outdoor area we are investigating how we will be able to put into place an allotment and bio dome which will be used for hydroponic growing.  This will complement our recently planted orchard which is growing into a fantastic science outdoor learning space. Our intention is to develop the garden area adjacent to the Family Support Hub in a manner that supports pollinating insects. Collectively, this outdoor dimension of our site will significantly enhance our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum, enable us to make highly positive contributions to our community and help us realise our aspiration of looking after our health as well as the environment and the world around us.

We are so delighted with the quality of the Early Years outdoor area.  Pentagon have done such a brilliant job and the quality of the finish is excellent.  This learning space very effectively facilitates all areas of Early Years learning and the children are highly enthusiastic about our outdoor provision.

Please click the play button above to view a short video which shows our children really enjoying this space.

As well as the outdoor space, you can see that the project has included new external and interior finishes and windows to this part of the school building.  The internal spaces have been reconfigured to include an additional intervention classroom space and a sensory room.

Further to this, new steps and a new pathway to the back playground have been developed to ensure our children’s route to and from the playground is significantly safer.

hope you enjoy looking at some of the photographs below as illustrations:

The playgrounds have been afforded notable attention too.  Some of this has been very practicable (an example is extensive work to the drainage system) but also very important in terms of ensuring the longevity and ongoing maintenance of the school site.

Some of this, however, has achieved a great deal in terms of enhancing the opportunity for children to engage in exercise and worthwhile activity.  Both playgrounds have new markings inclusive of ‘mile a day’ tracks which will be used for running, cycling and scootering.  The top playground also has two brand new netball court areas which can be utilised for a range of sporting activity as well as high quality storage facilities to enable children to engage in ‘scrap shed’ play on a daily basis.  The bottom playground now hosts a high quality gazebo which is used as a reading area as well as facilitating outdoor classroom activities.

Remaining on the health and exercise theme, the Sports Hall has undergone significant refurbishment with new storage, new lighting, new ceiling tiling and improved air conditioning to ensure it can be used all year round.  We are very lucky to have our own Sport Hall facility to deliver outstanding Sport Science and Physical Education and host many extra-curricular clubs.

Adjacent to the Sports Hall we have put into place a bike and scooter shed to support pupils to travel to school in a way that is conducive to exercise and being environmentally friendly.  We are very proud that the pupils were responsible for raising the money to purchase this bike/scooter shed for themselves.

A new parental pick up and playground area has been created at the back of the dining room and we are busily choosing furniture to add a degree of further flexibility to the use of this space to enable outdoor dining facilities in this area. Much has been done to improve the aesthetics and security of the fencing and access gates.

The planning for Phase Two is now well underway and the work that is likely to be completed this academic year includes the creation of an outdoor stage and performance area which will enhance our music and performing arts curriculum.  In addition, we are creating a reading café adjacent to the library.  This will be a wonderful area, situated in the heart of our school to further promote a love of reading and enable us to host our families and community more frequently.  The impressive bi-fold doors which will facilitate access from the central corridor to the café will bring a wonderful ‘wow’ factor to this part of school.

All of the central internal space is to be upgraded significantly with extensive classroom, corridor and toilet refurbishments.  This is inclusive of the upstairs classroom and there are a number of spaces that will be reconfigured to better meet the needs of learners at the Academy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the impact of this investment so far as well as the next planned steps.