The curriculum in key stage 2 is organised and delivered to meet children’s individual needs, strengths and talents. Opportunities are consistently provided for children to apply English and Mathematics subject specific knowledge and skills across other subject areas in purposeful context.

In years 3 to 6 reading, writing and mathematics are priorities. As many of our pupils are bilingual learners, we also strive to teach, develop and support confidence in spoken language across the school, whatever subject is being taught.

Our teaching and learning in all classrooms is broadened by our knowledge-rich curriculum in subjects such as art, geography and history. We have subject-specialist teaching in art, computing, music and PE.

Classroom environments are light, airy and uncluttered. Each class is equipped with the latest IWB and is connected to the Internet. Our library, Creative art area and school halls provide additional space and resources to enhance the curriculum.

In addition, children have weekly athletics/PE and swimming lessons off site.