Reading Circles, which are part of the National Grid for Reading, start on the 20th of March for primary academies in The GORSE Academies Trust. Your child will have received a letter explaining what the Reading Circles are and how they will be delivered in class.

The Reading Circles initiative is part of The GORSE Academies Trust’s ambition to make sure its pupils increasingly develop and sustain a love for reading. We passionately believe that reading has the power to transform lives.

For pupils in Years 5 and 6, it will mean a wonderful opportunity to engage in reading in an interactive, social context and to read e-books which have been extensively annotated with video clips, attachments and reading comments to ensure that reading is pleasurable, informative and dynamic.  All Year 5 and 6 students in our primary schools will be able to read their books via an electronic device, and our parents and carers will also be given access to do the same so that you can enjoy the wide range of books available, as well as support your child in their reading.

For pupils in lower years, brand new texts, written by acclaimed authors, have been purchased to ensure a quality Reading Circles experience for all pupils.  These books will be read alongside your child’s class teacher but there will also be opportunities for them write about the books they have read and share their ideas with other primary pupils within our Trust.

All that remains to be said now is: ‘Let the reading begin!’