Our School Uniform

Please have our assurance that uniform expectations will not be altered during the course of an academic year. Please note that there are only subtle changes in uniform expectations for the forthcoming academic year and most of these changes are in response to the views expressed by parents.

Download the uniform requirements letter

School Uniform is inclusive of:

  • A royal blue jumper / cardigan with school badge

  • A plain white polo type t-shirt (with a collar) or a plain white shirt

  • Black or charcoal grey tailored school trousers / shorts

  • Black or charcoal grey tailored school skirt

  • Black or charcoal grey tailored school dress

  • Plain black leather / leather type school shoes (below the ankle). No canvas, decorative effects (e.g. diamantes), reflective strips, trainers or sandals

Summer Uniform:

  • A checked blue and white dress is permitted

  • Black or charcoal grey tailored shorts are permitted

PE Kit:

  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Plain blue shorts – blue tracksuit bottoms or leggings may be allowed at the teacher’s discretion during times of cold weather

  • Trainers or pumps – pumps are not ideal for outdoor PE, therefore trainers are desirable

  • Hair bobble – if your child has long hair

  • Plasters – if your child has studs in their ears that cannot be removed


Bags are a very important part of our uniform.

  • Pupils are required to have a Ryecroft Academy book bag as they serve a very important purpose and it is therefore essential that they are in school every day. This academic year, we are pleased to be able offer two sizes of book bags for you to choose from.

  • If additional bags are required, we have available a Ryecroft Academy rucksack and a Ryecroft Academy PE bag. It is important that these are the bags that are used rather than any alternatives, as we have made sure that they are suitable from a health and safety perspective.

  • Pupils who regularly participate in extra-curricular sport will be provided with a Ryecroft Academy rucksack without charge.

  • Children can also bring their lunch in a lunch box and / or lunch bag, which has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Hairstyles / Jewellery:

Children should attend school with moderate hairstyles.

  • Shaved patterns and lines are not permitted.

  • Hair accessories (bobbles, clips and bands) should be plain and discrete.

  • JoJo Bows should not be worn.

  • Jewellery should not be worn in school. If you wish your child to wear earrings, then only one set of studs are acceptable.  They will need to be removed for PE, however.

  • Children do not need to wear watches as all classrooms have clocks.

  • Nail varnish or makeup are not part of our uniform.

Purchasing Uniform:

  • Uniform with logos / book bags / rucksacks can be purchased from the school office by cash and / or cheque.

  • PE kits can also be purchased at a discounted price, which includes the smaller PE bag, however, the plain shorts, and white t-shirt can be purchased elsewhere if you wish to do so.

  • Certain items are not held in stock but can be ordered on demand.

  • The school does not make any profit on the sale of uniform; all items are sold to parents at cost value.