The Department for Education has introduced a statutory duty for schools to promote British Values more actively from September 2014, and to ensure they are taught in schools.

These Fundamental British Values are:

  • Democracy;
  • The rule of law;
  • Individual liberty;
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith;

At Ryecroft Academy we follow the “You, me and PSHE” scheme of work for all year groups from 1-6. Early Years (Nursery and Reception) follow the EYFS curriculum, where Personal, Social and Emotional development is one of the prime areas and taught through carefully planned play opportunities. In addition to this all classes also have a weekly mind mate lesson, focussed on teaching emotional literacy, the mindmate lessons are also reinforced through our whole school and phase assemblies. The PSHE curriculum covers all aspects of safeguarding. Further PSHE lessons are added into the lessons for each half term based on our knowledge of issues in the local area, the results of our ‘my health, my school’ survey and national focus weeks or days. For further information please see the documents below.

At Ryecroft Academy, Fundamental British values are promoted in so much of what we do, not least during our school assemblies, Religious Education, Circle Time and Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE) sessions.

As well as actively promoting British values, the opposite also applies: we would actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to Fundamental British Values, including ‘extremist’ views of any form.

Ryecroft Academy is committed to serving its community.  We recognise the ever-changing nature of our community and the United Kingdom.  We also understand the vital role we have in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them.

We follow equal opportunities guidance which guarantees that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status, or similar. Ryecroft Academy is dedicated to preparing pupils for their adult life beyond the formal, examined curriculum and ensuring that it promotes and reinforces British Values to all its pupils.