Safeguarding Our Children

Safeguarding Our Children2018-12-07T15:28:36+00:00

Ryecroft Academy gives the highest importance to the safeguarding and welfare of our children. The governors, Principal and staff will carry out their responsibilities efficiently, effectively and diligently to ensure that the academy is a safe learning environment for our children.

We recognise that, at times, our children may be vulnerable and we will always adopt a sensitive approach to support our pupils and families.

Everyone in our academy is aware of their responsibility to keep our children safe at school and at home and attend regular child protection training.

We provide a safe environment so that our children are happy, cared for and will develop a love for learning. Everyone working with our children, have a responsibility to help keep our children safe by providing an environment that will allow our pupils to be happy, cared for and to develop a love of learning.

For all safeguarding issues or concerns, please speak to the Designated Leaders for Safeguarding and Child Protection; Mrs Helen Townsley and Mrs Kay France.