School Council

Latest School Council Minutes

School Council members are elected once a year. Children and teachers can nominate children to be a School Council member. Candidates give a short speech in phase assembly and then their classmates vote via a secret ballot.  School Council is made up of two members of each Key Stage 2 class and one member for EYFS and Key Stage 1.  The School Council meets weekly and all members attend every week, meetings are led by the nominated chair person and supported by staff in school. School Council members  feedback ideas and suggestions from Class Council and work together or in groups on projects. Minutes are fed back to their class members and posted on the website. The School Council meet each half term with the Principal.

Our current projects are:
  • Setting up and running a healthy tuck shop
  • Raising money through tuck shop to contribute towards buying postura chairs for all classroom (as voted for by the council members)
  • Organising a Ryecroft’s got talent event for the summer term

Head of House

When children reach Year 6 they get the opportunity to apply to be a House Captain or Vice Captain. These roles help children to develop leadership skills, allow them to take on additional responsibilities and demonstrate the qualities of a positive role model. They must be motivated and support members of their houses on a daily basis and during house competitions.

Sports Representation

As a school we place high value in PE and school sport. We take part in a number of inter-school sporting events on an almost weekly basis. These include a range of sports including football, rugby, athletics, cross country, netball, basketball and multi-skills. We attend events for all Key Stages, although there is a higher number of events for children in Upper Key Stage 2 who are more sport ready. We attend events on a local cluster level, city wide level and county level. Through this we build children’s confidence, communication skills, teamwork skills, leadership, resilience, motivation and self-esteem. We also aim to provide children with experiences that are inspirational and aspirational to promote lifelong participation in regular physical activity.


Our Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to apply for a prefect job within school. To ensure that the application process is fair, children who have already successfully gained a role as a School Council member or Head of House are not able to apply for a prefect job. Children must complete an application form for the job of their choice and consider what skills they have that makes them a good candidate. Once successful, children undertake their jobs throughout dinner times. Each child receives a rota and are designated to different shifts throughout the week. These jobs include cleaning in the dinner hall, reading to Key Stage 1 children, facilitating games and being a friendly face within the playground. Children wear high visibility jackets to stand out, receive a badge to wear on their uniform and are able to go for their dinner five to ten minutes earlier in order to start their job on time. Children extremely value this experience, the extra responsibility and they are gaining valuable skills that will prepare them for their further education.

Reading Buddies

Year 6 children visit the Reception children and read with them weekly

Take Over Days

Children write applications to take over job roles in school for part of the day. They come dressed for the role and fully take part in all tasks that job role requires, including taking assemblies, conducting lesson observations and locking up.

Latest Take Over Days