Leadership Team

Name Job Title
Mr M Randall Executive Principal
Mrs H Townsley Principal
Mr S Hayes Assistant Principal
Mr J Asquith English and Curriculum AST
Mrs K France SENDCO
Mrs J Barrick School Business Manager
Miss K Simpson Phase Leader inc. Pupil Premium Focus
Mr A Strafford Advanced Skills Teacher and Phase Leader

Teaching Staff

Name Job Title
Mr J Asquith Year 6 Teacher
Mrs H Hartley Leader of Maths & Year 5 / 6 Teacher
Mr S Hayes Year 5 / 6 Teacher
Miss A McNellis-Wheatly Year 5 Teacher
Miss S Dunderdale Year 4 Teacher
Miss D Sayles Year 3 Teacher
Mr A Strafford Year 3 Teacher
Miss K Simpson Year 2 Teacher
Miss R Holohan Year 1 / 2 Teacher
Mrs M Brodrick Nursery / Reception / Year 1 Teacher
Mrs R Pearson Reception / Year 1 Teacher
Miss D Hodder Leader of Early Years & Reception Teacher
Mrs N Barker Nursery Teacher
Mr R Stephenson PE Teacher
Miss L Pearman Cover Teacher

Office Staff

Name Job Title
Mrs S Marwick Admin Assistant
Mrs K Woodwards-Toyne Admin Assistant
Mrs S Gittins Lunchtime Supervisor

Support Staff

Mrs T CookeLunchtime Assistant / Cleaner

Name Job Title
Mr K Smith Site Manager
Mrs M Cattley Lead Child Protection / Safeguarding Officer
Mrs S Hodgkins Pastoral Officer
Mrs J Broxholme Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Hirst Teaching Assistant
Miss A Rozycki Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Schmitt Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Walton Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Middleton Teaching Assistant
Miss V Brayshaw Teaching Assistant
Miss J Briggs Teaching Assistant
Miss L Ho Teaching Assistant
Miss K Basra Teaching Assistant
Miss E Smith Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Miss E Sebine Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Pilling HLTA
Ms P Haynes Lunchtime Assistant
Ms D Hitchcox Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs S White Lunchtime Assistant
Miss J Trebowicz Lunchtime Assistant / cleaner
Mrs K Stanley Lunchtime Assistant / Cleaner
Mrs T Cooke Lunchtime Assistant / Cleaner
Ms J Dodds Cleaner
Ms D King Cleaner