At Ryecroft Academy leaders establish and communicate a clear vision for their areas of responsibility identifying key priorities and strategies to realise this.  They rigorously hold true to this vision and through this secure the commitment of their team.  Leaders will always be upbeat and motivational, encouraging others to be the same.

Further to this, leaders recognise their collective responsibility for all areas of school, jointly driving the standards agenda.

Our culture is one where leaders communicate clearly with purpose and reason.  They are approachable, they listen, are empathetic and solution focused.  Ryecroft Academy leaders effectively hold their teams to account; intelligently balancing praise, challenge and support to ensure maximum impact.  They model excellent practice in all aspects of their work inspiring others to be the best they can be.  This will include within their own teaching and classroom environment, in their relationships and communication.  Furthermore, leaders model the qualities of great learners being reflective, humble and open to the ideas of others.

Leaders have the highest expectations of and aspirations for pupils, putting no ceiling on their achievements.  Leaders are attentive to detail, knowing that this is important to ensure the highest standards.  They address everything that is not as it should be with a sense of urgency.  A key priority for leaders is thriving on negating the barriers and challenges that pupils and all members of the school community face, enabling them to flourish and prosper.

At Ryecroft Academy, leaders carry themselves with confidence and authority so that all are keenly aware of their presence.  They are highly visible throughout the school day, particularly at the start and end of the day and lunchtimes.  They spend the majority of their time in classrooms.  Assemblies are always used as an opportunity to model best practice with great attention to detail, purpose, and firmly rooted in school values.