At Ryecroft Academy we recognise that the start that we provide for our youngest children is fundamental to their future success.  Early Years provision is deeply connected to every other aspect of the academy and all leaders fully invest in ensuring its quality and status.  We are committed to working together to give children the academic and life skills they will need to be successful in all aspects of life.

We strive to ensure that our youngest children are happy, enthusiastic and confident with high self-esteem and aspirations to excel in whatever they choose to do.  We see every child as a competent, capable learner with enormous potential and we delight in making it our mission to unlock and maximise their potential.  We strive to ensure that our children develop respect for themselves, each other, our school and community.

We aim to strike an inclusive balance of direct teaching and experiential play, seeing great value in both child-led and adult initiated learning. We believe that systematic and regular direct teaching enhances and deepens the quality of child-initiated learning and a careful equilibrium enables children to flourish and prosper in securing essential life skills.

We aim to foster a love of reading and believe that the exploration of beautiful books should infiltrate each and every dimension of the early year’s curriculum. We believe that the ability to read is fundamental to developing children’s knowledge and interests and an essential building block for their future learning. Phonics is taught every day from the very start of early years as we prioritise this crucial life skill.  We aim to embrace children’s curiosity and interests; using first hand experiences and practical learning opportunities to stimulate mastery of all aspects of our provision.

We believe that the indoor and outdoor environments should exude high quality, purpose and challenge.  As enticing and inviting places, they should fully connect to the learning needs of our children continuously evolving and adapting to precisely meet children’s needs.  All adults should have a sharp understanding of where children are in their learning and they ensure that each and every interaction is impactful in extending learning further.

We cherish our relationship with parents and carers, recognising that our partnership underpins all that we are seeking to achieve in the community that we value and respect so dearly.