It was the turn of the year 3 and 4 children to visit Manor House this April to play games with the residents. The children who visited were absolutely fantastic, extremely respectful and represented the school well. They confidently offered to play a variety of games with the residents. Eric and Clifford took great delight in throwing beanbags at the target mat and they beamed when the children cheered and clapped when they scored 50 points. Olive was also laughing and smiling as she kicked a large football back to one of the children, while Elsie and Elsie enjoyed a game of bingo. Other children taught the residents how to play connect 4 and enjoyed a number of games together. It was so lovely to see the positive impact that we can make in our community. The children felt a real sense of pride seeing the joy in the faces of the residents. The children and residents were sad to say goodbye and commented on how much fun they had during the afternoon. There will be more visits planned to Manor House in the summer term.