Dear Zoo

When we came back to school after the holidays, there was a box. It was from the zoo. We had to guess what was in the box. We guessed lots of animals from snakes to [...]

Reading Hub Launch

"Popular children’s author Phil Earl attended Ryecroft Academy in Farnley yesterday to officially open their new reading hub. The hub was launched to promote the school’s ‘love reading’ campaign." Read more at:

3/4C Talk for Writing

We have been busy this week using ‘Talk for Writing’ to help us learn a diary entry. We had to think really carefully about what actions we will use to help us remember the sentences. [...]

Year 3/4 Numicon Mathematics

In Year 3/4 we have been busy using Numicon to support our learning in Maths.  It has helped us to create a visual image of what addition, subtraction, multiplication and division look like. We are [...]

Independent mathematicians

3/4 C have been selecting their own maths resources to solve different problems. This has helped them to become more independent and creative with their thinking. Keep up the excellent work!