We are so delighted with how plans are moving forward in terms of our Capital Development Project.  The investment in our building and site is set to be in the region of 1.2 million over the next two to three years!  This will make such an incredibly positive difference to our school and our community.

As you know one of the key priorities in the development of Early Years facilities, including an amazing outdoor area. Though we also wanted to make you aware of the fantastic developments that have already taken place to the internal Early Years classrooms.

The photographs below showcase the high quality refurbishments to these spaces.  You can see how we have changed the internal structure, removing walls to significantly increase the space as well as the quality of the area.

Further work to Early Years will see toilet areas being fully refurbished, the creation of a high quality input space and doors leading from each newly decorated classroom to enable access and free flow to the superb outdoor area.

The design image below illustrates the style and scale of outdoor development that we are planning.

Our Capital Investment Plans will impact all areas of school, with renovation in every classroom and most communal areas!  This will have an extremely positive impact for all children in school.  As plans develop we are keen to show you images and photographs.  Our outdoor reading café which will be accessible from the library is a small but very exciting part of the overall plans.

Healthy lifestyles and exercise are a pivotal part of our school culture and the Sports Hall is set to reap extensively from the up and coming investment, ensuring that it will be a first class facility.  Additionally, our playgrounds will be in receipt of an extensive make over, supporting worthwhile curriculum and break time activities such as cycling, scootering and running.

I pledge keep you up to date with plans as they evolve.